OpenASIP (formerly TTA-based Co-design Environment or TCE) is an open application-specific instruction-set toolset. It can be used to design and program customized processors based on the energy efficient Transport Triggered Architecture (TTA). The toolset provides a complete retargetable co-design flow from high-level language programs down to synthesizable processor RTL (VHDL and Verilog backends supported) and parallel program binaries. Processor customization points include the register files, function units, supported operations, and the interconnection network.

OpenASIP development is led by the Customized Parallel Computing (CPC) group at the Tampere University, Finland. Further reading: LLVM project blog post about OpenASIP.

News and updates

November 23rd, 2022: OpenASIP 2.0 released!

The first OpenASIP version with preliminary RISC-V customization support is now out!

July 23rd, 2018: A tutorial slide deck with clickable videos uploaded

The slide set (39M) contains clickable videos and goes through most of the tool set. It was first presented in OpenSuco 3 workshop organized within the ISC High Performance 2018 conference (June 28th in Frankfurt, Germany).

October 4th, 2017: OpenASIP-based demo featured on the lab's blog

A demonstration featuring a neural network coprocessor designed with OpenASIP was shown at CIVIT.

For more info, read the post on the Pervasive Computing blog.

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