OpenASIP 2.0

See CHANGES for the release change notes.

Installing OpenASIP from the Sources


OpenASIP is supposed to work on any recent Linux distribution. MacOS is also partially supported but the GUIs do not work perfectly with it, thus their build is disabled by default.

The current "reference distribution" that is popular among our developers is Ubuntu. Any recent version should work.

Getting the Sources

We do not do tar ball releases any longer, but create release branches in the version control repository which users can check out and might receive bug fixes after the release announcing.

  1. Get the release branch from git: git clone -b release-2.0 openasip-2.0
  2. The instructions and prerequisites for installing can be found in the README.

Getting Started with Co-Processor Customization

The best way to get to know OpenASIP is to go through one or more of the tutorials available in the user manual. Completing the OpenASIP tour is highly recommended, but there are also other tutorials and how-tos worth checking out.

Reporting Bugs

In case you find bugs, you can report them to our Github repository. Please add as many details as possible for how to reproduce the issue. In case we cannot reproduce it, it probably does not get fixed very quickly.

Submitting Patches

Even better, in case you manage to fix bugs by yourself or add new features you might want to be merged to our branch, please submit a pull request in Github.


This project was supported by European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 871738 (CPSoSaware) and by Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) under the Dutch NWO project ZERO (P15-06 project 5).